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CLOSURE! 4th Avenue between G & H Streets

During construction for the Legislative Information Office (LIO) at 4th Avenue & H Street, the eastbound lane of 4th Avenue will be closed during all of 2014 starting on December 1st, 2013. The lane closure is required for staging of a massive crane that will be used during the renovation of the LIO Building.

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CLOSURE: E Street between 4th & 5th Avenues

ML&P plans to begin construction on a new service for the Hard Rock Café and an Infrastructure Improvement Project on April 7, 2014. Expected Construction time is 4 weeks. See the map below for the roadway and sidewalk closures that will be in effect.
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Want to locate your business to Anchorage?

The Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) developed an online mapping tool to attract and expand businesses and jobs in Anchorage. The website – – provides access to customized market research and commercial property listings. The online program is the first of its kind in Alaska and is designed to simplify the process of working with regional government when preparing for relocation and expansion decisions.
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Anchorage Downtown Comprehensive Plan

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Nowhere else in Alaska is there an urban center that compares to Downtown Anchorage. With a strong economic base, cultural and historical attractions, natural beauty, and diverse recreational opportunities, Downtown Anchorage has long been considered Alaska’s civic and cultural destination.
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Government: A Good Neighbor for Downtown

Civic buildings and services need to be located in the downtown, as evidenced by research and examples from other cities that demonstrate time and time again that the benefits are substantial. Here are some of the reasons why:
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Linking Parking & Development

Anchorage Community Development Authority (ACDA) supports public-private partnerships that are financially sound and align with the mission of ACDA linking new parking development to private development projects. ACDA supports economic growth for Downtown Anchorage and wants to be a part of creative parking solutions.
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Development Incentives

Development costs are continuing to rise. Fortunately, there are incentives in place to help reduce some of the costs associated with developing in downtown.
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Energy Efficiency Ideas for Building Owners

Whether you’re the business owner, building manager, or concerned employee wanting to do your part, energy efficiency is an easy first step to cutting costs, reducing CO2 emissions, and making a healthier, more comfortable workplace.
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